First appearance of "Under Milkwood" (1952)

Thomas, Dylan. [Dylan Marlais Thomas 1914-1953]

BOTTEGHE OSCURE Quaderno IX 1952 " Llareggub" First Appearance of UNDER MILKWOOD

Published: Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Roma, 1952.

Date: 1952

A Good Copy in original wrappers of "Bugger all" Thomas's original title for "Under Milkwood " Llaregggub: A Piece for Radio Perhaps. Incomplete radio script slightly revised for publication Text as written by October 1951 containing discarded passages not available elsewhere [See Douglas Cleverdens The Growth of Milkwood] Also includes work by Alex Trochi, L. P. Hartley E.E.Cummings etc.

[See Douglas Cleverdens The Growth of Milkwood]


Original Wrappers


Offered by John Capes