Mary Kessell artist

BIBURY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Everywhere You Go - You Can be Sure of Shell. Original Large Poster.

Date: [ 1952 ]

VERY LARGE POSTER. FEATURING A VIEW OF THER VILLAGE OF BIBURY IN GLOUCESTERSHIRE BY MARY KESSELL. One of a series of large Shell posters printed in 1952. Mary Kessell [1914 - 1977] was an illustrator, figurative artist, designer, war artist, etc. THIS POSTER MEASURES 30 x 40 INCHES. some minor creases but really a very nice example

Arlington Row, depicted here, was originally a monastic wool store built in 1380; developed into a row of weaver's cottages in the 17th century. This same row was in the news a couple of years ago when a resident's bright yellow Corsa was blamed for 'photobombing' this much loved and photographed scene. It returned to the news in February with news that vandals had damaged the elderly owner's car. The car itself has now become much loved and tourists seem to take delight in photographing it. Before the motoring age William Morris described Bibury as one of the prettiest villages in England and it is regularly visited by coach loads of Japanese and other visitors. The poster does not depict the yellow Corsa, but it could be added for a small extra charge.


Offered by Michael S Kemp Bookseller