The Books of Death (1929)

Bibliomysteries! My first real love. That's not quite true, but Miss Death here, with her silken skull mask, is hard to resist. 'The Book of Death' is her first appearance as a Blake villain which makes this item all the more attractive to collectors. It dates from 1929 and the uncredited author was G Evans. The Sexton Blake series was incredibly popular during the twenties and the run contains a good few other titles in the bibliomystery genre. This is my favourite though - great title, great artwork, and a great book. That's all my boxes ticked! The other 'bib' titles here are also hard to find, but you can track them down without too much trouble by popping up to stand 199 on the top floor.

Published: Amalgamated Press

Date: 1929


Offered by The Antiquarian Book Company