Collected shorter poems of a modernist US poet ([ 1966 ])

Louis Zukofsky

All the Collected Short Poems

Published: Cape

Date: [ 1966 ]

Louis Zukofsky [1904-1978] US poet founder of the Objectivist group and a major influence on the Beats amongts other modern US poets. Much of the famously 'difficult' work of Zukofsky, better known within the world of poetry than to the world at large here collected in advance reading copy of All The Collected Short Poems 1923-1958 published by Cape in 1966. Paperback. Review [by Sir Herbert Read] slip pasted to front cover. A quote from that review; From the 'Objectivist Anthology' (1932) onwards Louis Zukofsky has been one of the most influential poets of his time, one who has been 'read, digested, studied, copied, used, praised and honoured by almost every American poet worth his salt from pound to Creeley' According to information on front 160 pages [in fact 157 numbered pages and some blanks]. With similar paperback advance reading copy of All, the Collected short poems 1956-64. Publisher's sticker to front cover states This is the companion volume to All, the collected short poems 1923-58. the dates overlap because the first volume did not contain 'Some Time' (1940-56) included here, together with I's and After I's, two collections first published in the early sixties. 96 pages. The two volumes in VG fresh condition.



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