AH34 - Visages

Published: S.V.U. Manes, Prague

Date: 1934

S.V.U. Manes, Prague 1934 – a limited edition set of 36 caricatures of political and cultural figures including amongst others, Adolf Hitler, Jean Cocteau, James Joyce and Boris Pasternack. Signed and inscribed by Hoffmeister to the cartoonist David Low: "For David Low / From his pupil / A Hoffmeister/ Praha 1947" A scarce item, with its original slip case and very delicate paper wrappers. Adolf Hoffmeister (1902-1973) was a writer and artist. He edited one of the main Czech daily newspapers, Lidové noviny (1928-30) and the main literary paper, Literární noviny (1930-32), and set up an anti-fascist magazine, Simplicus, in the 1930s after the German satiric magazine Simplicissimus was banned by the Nazis. During the war he was imprisoned by the Germans but managed to escape and make his way to the United States. After the war he became the Czech ambassador to France but as the regime grew more stalinist, he left the diplomatic service and became Professor at the Prague Academy of Decorative Arts, where he headed a special department for children’s book illustrations and cartoons. After the collapse of the “Prague Spring” of the sixties he left his country for the second time and became Professor in Vincennes (France). In 1970 he returned to Prague and was declared a non-person.

Sir David Low



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