Jules Verne


Published: Griffith And Farran

Date: [ 1872 ]

1872 British First Edition with 52 illustrations by Riou, original pictorial cloth titled and decorated in gilt, the True English First Edition dated MDCCCLXXII, interestingly the only time a British Jules Verne book was dated in Roman Numerals, the book was published for the Christmas market in November 1871 and post-dated 1872, the British publication in the original binding is by far one of the toughest Verne titles to find in First Edition form, one of the reasons may have been the high cost of the book which was reportedly priced at £7.00 on its release, a sum that would have been well beyond the pockets of most people of the time. Another interesting point, the First Edition uses the plate “The Descent of the Crater” as the frontispiece, whereas later Griffith & Farran editions use “The Central Sea” as the frontispiece, the reason I point this out is that when you check the pagination of the Griffith & Farran editions you will see that the text pages are numbered but not the plates, with the plates being counted in with the pagination, because “The Descent of the Crater” is normally counted as pages 121/122 you will see a break in the pagination in this copy where that plate has been used as the frontispiece, also when you check for “The Central Sea” plate in this copy you will find it located between pages 216/217 with no break in the pagination for the plate, this is the second copy of the First Edition where I have seen “The Descent of the Crater” used as the Frontispiece. Regarding the condition of this copy, apart from some minor marks to the rear board, mild rubbing to the gilt on the spine and some virtually invisible restoration to the spine tips, the covers are in generally very good condition, internally there is the name of the original owner with the date 1873 in old ink to top of the title page, this copy is virtually free of any foxing and marking apart from pages 292/293 which are noticeably browned at the edges (pictured) possibly something had been left between these two pages at one point as a page marker which has reacted with the paper, the browning is visible to the reverse of these page edges as well with a small edge tear with no loss that just stops before the text, there is a thin line of browning just touching the outer edge of one other page though this is not very noticeable, creases to two page corners, finally the rear inner hinge has been professionally strengthened retaining the original endpapers but with a thin 5mm strip visible along inner hinge of a slightly lighter coloured paper, this is a very neat and unobtrusive professional repair. Some creasing to frontispiece tissue guard, I have mentioned everything that could be considered a fault, which probably makes this copy sound far worse than it is, overall this is one of the cleanest examples of the British First Edition I have come across which presents very nicely on the shelf, a notoriously difficult book to find in First Edition form, a true Verne rarity and one of the authors most sought after titles.


Original Pictorial Cloth


Offered by Andrew Cox