Education/Norwich (1991)

Harries, Richard with Paul Cattermole & Peter Mackintosh

A History of Norwich School: King Edward VI's Grammar School at Norwich

Published: Friends of Norwich School

Date: 1991

Many of the leading British schools have recently published Histories of themselves or are about to do so. Norwich has decided not to be behindhand, especially as its record over the centuries has been an outstanding one which deserves commemoration. The present foundation derives from a patent of King Edward VI issued in 1547, but his new school carried on the traditions of learning pioneered from the end of the eleventh century by its ecclesiastical predecessors. Devoted mainly to the study of the Classics until the early twentieth century, it has since established itself in many Humanities subjects and in Natural Sciences, as well as encouraging a multiplicity of "other activities" outside the classroom. The impressive list of Old Boys includes distinguished soldiers, the greatest of all admirals, an archbishop and numerous other bishops, formidable judges, scholars and literary men, and latterly scientists and leaders of commerce and industry. Intra muros a long list of characters has added spice to its annals. Few similar institutions can have enjoyed the ministrations of such outstanding and idiosyn-cratic headmasters as Dr. Parr, Mr. Valpy, Dr. Jessopp and Stuart Andrews. Of these Parr was possibly the greatest scholar, Valpy the severest disciplinarian, and Jessopp and Andrews the most far-seeing and innovative. There has not been space for study of the ushers and assistant masters, but many of them too were gifted men and memorable characters.

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