A Charming Manuscript Victorian Child’s Scribbling & drawing book Kept by a Cyril R. Down, of St. Luke’s Vicarage, Dudley, Staffordshire, 1897-1902 ([ 1897 - 1902 ])

Cyril R. Down

1897 Manuscript Book Dudley Staffordshire

Published: Unpublished manuscript

Date: [ 1897 - 1902 ]

This is a delightfully naïve and slowing maturing Child’s Manuscript Scribbling & Drawing book, kept by a Cyril R. Down of St Luke’s Vicarage, Dudley, Staffordshire, with dates in the book ranging from 1897-1902, over 250 used pages including a few loosely inserted illustrations, the book shows the mind and imaginings of a young boy growing up in the industrial Black Country of Staffordshire at the end of the Victorian era, he has a preoccupation with Trains and Ships which figure heavily in his drawings, along with a number of Maps, also included among the many drawings are a number of short writings and tales. He imagines he has his own Coal Mine with drawings of the “Down & Co” Colliery, he even includes a page of costs and wages for the mine, also the “Down & Co Limited Iron & Brass Engineering Works”, and his own Railway “C R Down’s Tramway” which he gives a history of and drawings, there is a delightful little one page tale of “An Attack on an English Mail Train in 1897 between York and Edinburgh by what as he describes as Villainous Rogues, the accompanying drawing shows them armed with Bows and Arrows, a wild west scene in Northern England. Also other short tales of “Adventures in Wallypug Land” and “Robinson Crusoe”, the drawings vary from childish scribblings to more accomplished drawings of Steam trains, Ships and Ocean Liners, a number of the pages have been removed, and some have some loss, 13 inches tall bound in an old half leather which is worn and used with splits to the leather with heavy rubbing else in good general condition. a charming insight into the imagination of a young boy growing up in the heart of industrial Victorian England

Half Leather


Offered by Andrew Cox