Manuscript Diary of a Dorset Vicar for the year 1862 ([ 1862 ])

F F Tracy

1862 Manuscript Diary of a Dorset Vicar

Date: [ 1862 ]

This is an interesting old Letts Diary and Almanac for the year 1862, kept by a Dorset Vicar or member of the Clergy, in which he records his daily prayer meeting, visits, family affairs for the year, Weddings, Funerals, , places mentioned are Wareham, Swanage, Kimmeridge, St. Alban’s Head, Dorchester, Haycrafts, Croydon, Barrow Hill, Thornton Lodge, Langton Rectory, Shrewsbury, Henfield, Gloucester Terrace, London, Salisbury etc, there is a pencilled name at the front of the diary which appears to read F.F. Tracy, the diary is a hardback measuring just under 8 inches tall, small snag to the cloth on the spine else in nice condition. the daily entries vary from quite detailed to a number of one liners, no entries in March, not many in July or August, and virtually none in November or December, still plenty of detail recorded giving an idea of the day to day life of a man of the church in Dorset in mid-19th Century England



Offered by Andrew Cox