1862 Rare Broadside Bridgnorth Journal Shropshire Newspaper Headline Advertising Poster Madeley Court Shifnal Inquest Outbreak in Jamaica Yelverton Case Irish Law Case Mixed Religion Marriages Cattle Plague Assault at Walsall Death of King of Belgium etc (c.1862)

1862 Broadside Cattle Plague etc

Date: c.1862

This is a rare surviving advertising poster for “The Bridgnorth Journal” in Shropshire for an August 1862 issue of the paper measuring 11 inches by 9 inches approx. and containing the main headline news articles appearing in that issue including The Yelverton Case, The Medical Profession and Female Patients A Curious Invention Criminal Assault upon a Married Woman Damages for an Accident Breach of Promise of Marriage and Seduction The Outbreak in Jamaica, Death of the King of the Belgians The Smithfield Cattle Show The Law as regards a Wife’s Property Boy’s Gambling in a Public House A Clergyman Charged with Theft Double Murder by an Insane Mother The Cattle Plague, Violent and Aggravated Assault at Walsall The Late Fatal Accident at the Works of W. O. Foster Esq, Madeley Court Shropshire Winter Assizes, Inquest at Shifnal An Extraordinary Trade Swindler &c The poster is not dated, but is easily datable The Yelverton case was a famous 19th-century Irish law case, which eventually resulted in a change to the law on mixed religion marriages in Ireland which took place in August 1862 the poster has some small punched holes down the left hand edge else in good acceptable condition


Offered by Andrew Cox