Sir John Barrow letters (1834 - 1836)

Sir John Barrow

10 English Naval letters by Sir John Barrow. 1764-1848

Date: 1834 - 1836

10 original signed letters dated between 1834 and 1836. The letters are from Sir John Barrow, written by him as Second Secretary to the Admiralty. The letters are all to Rear Admiral Sir Graham Eden Hammond, then stationed in South America. Paper size 32 x 20cm approx

Sir John Barrow was attached to the first British Embassy to China 1792-94. In 1797 in South Africa he created the first published modern map of the Southern parts of the Cape Colony. In 1804 as Second Secretary to the Admiralty he promoted Arctic voyages including those of Ross, Parry and Franklin. The Barrow Strait, Point Barrow and the city of Barrow in Alaska are all named after him. He was reputed to be the initial proposer of St Helena for the exile of Bonaparte. He wrote books on mathematics, travels in China, the Arctic, South Africa, Pitcairn Island, the Mutiny on the Bounty etc

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