‘Snapshots home and abroad': A European and British Photograph Album and two Travelogues 1936-49

Date: 1936 - 1949

Three volumes, various sizes. A photograph album, containing 284 photographs and photographic cards and two journals. The first journal has 65 typed pages, with some photographs and cuttings; 'Paris by Elisabeth E. Beacham, August 1938', 93 typed pages with some cuttings pasted to pages showing scenes of Germany, France, Switzerland and the UK from 1936 to 1949. The second journal, 'Two innocents at large in Switzerland, 1937, Mary Jennings and Elsie Beacham', 'THIS RECORD IS WRITTEN BY Elsie Beacham', 65 typed pp. with some photographs and cuttings. The two journals and photograph album recount the experiences of Elizabeth Beacham, and her travelling companion, Mary Jennings, travelling through European countries in the late 1930s. Although referencing European politics of the time, the journals, written by Elizabeth Beacham, have a wry, ironic and comedic element to them, in which Miss Beacham teases her friend and reports upon the sights, sounds and conversations with other people the two have encountered during their travels. “At the end of February, 1938 Mary said “what about going to Paris fot our holidays?” I said I had no objection, but what about Hitler? “O him!” She dismissed the Furher with a frown, but nevertheless it was with some trepidation a short time later that we watched him march into Austria...”


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