[Bradford Freemasons' Archive] King Edward VII Lodge 3442 (1910-1988)

Date: 1910 - 1988

[5 Vols] Detailed archival collection of the King Edward VII Freemasons' Lodge in Bradford comprising five volumes of By-laws, Inventory, Declaration Book with signed certificates of 120 new members from 1938-1988 and two volumes of Cash Books (1910-1951). Each volume bound in half black pebbled morocco over textured cloth with the lodge's name and emblem in gilt on the upper covers. Decorative label of Bradford printer and lithographer 'Thomas M Woodhead' on pastedown of earlier volumes. 1. Bylaws, calligraphic list of founder and rules of the lodge, titles in red and black with signed imprimatur and certificate given to the lodge at its inception by Richard Wilson, Past Provincial Grand Warden followed by signatures of members over the next 70 years. 2. Declarations: printed certificates numbered 121-240, 1938-1988, accomplished in manuscript by new members of the lodge and witnessed by Lodge secretary. 3. Inventory: 40pp annual manuscript inventories of the lodge contents including ceremonial equipment 'Jewels for Pedestal' and itemised record book which appear in this collection. The library appears to have been rudimentary and limited to masonic titles. A few bills and a further library list laid in. 4. Cash Book 1910-1934 5 Cash Book 1935-1951 An excellent and highly complete collection which was recently acquired following the closure of this lodge and the emptying of the premises in Bradford.


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